Suds Pro dog bathing system is designed to save you money, save water and save time during the dog bath. These detailed directions, techniques and dog washing tips can maximize your savings.                                                                                  

 1. LOAD SHAMPOO. Unscrew the shampoo cup and fill it with desired amount of dog shampoo, re-attach finger-tight making sure rubber o-ring is in place.

 Suds Pro works with any shampoo however, superior results can be achieved with concentrated (8:1 up to 50:1) dog shampoo available in one gallon bottles at a substantial cost savings.—Shampoos and soaps formulated for people have a different pH balance and can irritate a dog’s skin.

 2. CONNECT. For outdoor use: connect Suds Pro to your garden hose or spigot. For indoor use: remove shower head, replace with adapter (included) making sure rubber washer is in place, connect Suds Pro to adapter.

You can also use a garden hose connected to a sink faucet with a garden hose thread adapter for your brand of faucet (available at hardware stores). This allows you to wash your dog outdoors with warm water. Use room temperature water.—Some areas require an anti-siphon valve, if your water supply is not already equipped with one they are available at hardware stores.

 3. TURN ON WATER SUPPLY. With the shampoo lever turned to “clean rinse” and the brush lever turned to “off”, turn on water supply.

Before you begin, hold the nozzle away from your dog and open the brush lever for a few seconds to allow any air in the system to escape. This will prevent any initial sputtering noises from spooking your dog.—Short leash your dog to a stake or the like to limit it’s mobility, this will make your job much easier and increase your dog’s comfort level.—Praise your dog throughout the dog bath.

4. PRE-WET (optional). Place the nozzle on your dog and turn the brush lever to “full on”. Quickly pass the brush through your dog’s fur keeping the nozzle in contact with your dog’s skin at all times.

Start at the back of the neck, this will help to prevent any ticks or fleas from migrating to your dog’s face and ears.—Do not spray water directly into ears and eyes, wash your dog’s face and ears last with a washcloth.—If your dog begins to “shake” move to the front of the dog (face to face), this will help keep you dry.—A belt clip/wall mount is included.—You may elect to skip this step to save time.

5. SUDSING. Turn the shampoo lever to “minimum suds”. With the nozzle on your dog’s skin, turn the brush lever partially open and begin sudsing and cleaning your pet. To increase suds, turn the levers more.

The more clockwise the shampoo lever setting, the higher the ratio of shampoo to water. Suds Pro is designed to give you total control during the bathing process. With a little experimenting for your particular application you will quickly find the valve settings you prefer.—It will take a few seconds for the shampoo mixture to reach the nozzle.—You don’t need a lot of water for the cleaning phase, too much water will force the shampoo out of the fur.—The shampoo cup works equally well at any orientation, even upside down.—Your dog’s skin is sensitive so don’t apply pressure, let the tool’s unique nozzle do the work.

6. RINSING. Turn the shampoo lever counter-clockwise until it stops at “clean rinse”. With the nozzle on your dog’s skin, turn the brush lever to “full on” to rinse. Start at the back of the neck as before.

It will take a few seconds for the clear rinse water to reach the nozzle.—Keep the nozzle in contact with your dog’s skin at all times.—Each pass with the brush should overlap the previous pass for a fast and thorough rinse.—When you get to the lower legs and tail you may find it helpful to cup your other hand on the back side, this will help to saturate all sides and minimize over spray.

7. FINISHING TOUCHES. Drain and rinse the Suds Pro. Exercise, dry and brush your dog.

IMPORTANT! You must turn off the water supply and open both levers to relieve the internal pressure before you remove the shampoo cup or disconnect the Suds Pro.—You may want to install a garden hose shut-off valve (available at hardware stores) between the garden hose and the Suds Pro to control the water supply at the tool.—Allowing your pet to exercise after a bath can help to quickly normalize it’s body temperature.