5.0 out of 5 stars LOVE this product, March 30, 2013

This review is from: Sudspro Dual-Action Nozzle Ultimate Dog Washing System (Misc.)

I love this product!
It's so much easier to wash my dog with this product. Between the little "nubs" that get the water into my lab's coat much more easily and the shampoo-mixer that dispenses shampoo right into the water, this product does 3 things better than just washing my dog in the tub or with a garden hose:
- Gets my dog wet faster and more evenly
- Gets the shampoo up under her coat much more quickly. In the first few times of using it, I can tell that I'm using less than half of the amount of shampoo I was using before - maybe even as little as 1/3 the amount.
- Rinses her off more quickly and more thoroughly

I think my dog likes the mini-massage she gets from the water-nubs on this tool, too.

It connects to a regular outdoor water faucet - the threads are the same as a garden hose.
But for the colder months, it came with an adapter that has the same threads as a standard shower head, so I can unscrew the shower head in my bathtub and connect this indoors - I was pleasantly surprised, because it was a little hard to tell from the photos.

If you have a dog that you like to keep clean, get this product!

By H. C.(Berkeley, CA USA)

I've had this for over six months and I still love it!
                                                         Gregg K.

My daughter love's her sudspro, she owns Ivory Wolf pet grooming and uses sudspro on all the pets she groom's.

She loves the way Subs Pro works thank you for such a great product

Yes we bathe 5 dogs every two weeks.   Couldn't imagine doing it without SUDSPRO

Mine current Sudspro, I've had for years so I think we've done a fairly good job because it is now showing the wear and tear.   We bath my 5 dogs every two weeks and your invention has been a game changer.   We do our bathing in a upright heavy concrete inside a large plastic tub and lay the soap container right inside that tub - so it is right there. 

I’m the biggest fan of the Sudspro, got one for myself a few years ago and bought one for my brother too. 

After a one-time, two-dog bathing experience, my overall impression is great. I will take it to my sister and families of puppies from our litter to see what they think. You may be getting some more orders from the Greater New Orleans area!

I just bathed my two full-grown, thick-furred Golden Retrievers...in about 5 minutes each! It does seem to use a lot more shampoo, but a lot less water, too. It could just be the puppy shampoo I use or that I need to experiment with the valve settings on the container. I was AMAZED at how fast they got WET...SOAKING WET...all the way to the skin. And how fast they rinsed! No leaks and worked as advertised.

Having a tender back with disc issues, this made what is often a painful chore into a simple pleasure. The dogs seemed to enjoy it...except for right around their faces...and they didn't have time to get cold. 

I think I have "sold" about 6 of these simply from singing the praises of this tool! 

I was so glad to have this tool this morning as I woke up to Poo-pocalypse all over my laundry room! So they got two baths in 24 hours! My vet recommends Dawn dishwashing detergents for its degreasing and flea and tick repellant properties. (None of my dogs have EVER had a flea or tick and we live on the border of a forest in the Deep South!) I adjusted the amount of water going through the shampoo container and that did the trick. About 2 ounces and squeaky clean dogs! 

I am happy with the product as is and feel I have gotten my money's worth. FIVE MINUTES start to finish?! Yes, please!

And, remember I said I would be a loud-mouthed walking advetisement? Well, I texted your link to my puppy families and I have a puppy spa day scheduled for next week so they can come over and try it!