We believe dog lovers are a different breed. The connection with the animal kingdom and nature that we share with our pets is unequaled. In many respects, they are like our own children.

Grooming is a powerful facet of bonding between loved ones. This is evident throughout the animal kingdom, especially with mammals. A wolf licks clean it's pups, we bathe and caress our infants. Your dog may not like getting a bath but they can appreciate that you are the pack leader. You are the provider of food, shelter and security. You love and care for them like no other.

We think caring for your animal should be a positive and rewarding experience for both of you, as free from difficulty and strife as possible. Bathing your dog should not waste our precious natural resource, water, and should not needlessly pollute that resource with excess detergents and  surfactants.

We know that if we can help you to clean your dog and your planet at the same time, make it easy and convenient, and save you money, everybody wins.

Going "green" is the future for our offspring and theirs. Spay or neuter your pets. Support your local A.S.P.C.A. Obey leash laws and pick up after your dog. Help to keep the existing and establish new off-lead areas in our communities.

We strive to substantially reduce the amount of fresh drinking water and dog shampoo used in this country while washing dogs. It's a lofty goal and difficult to quantify. Based on 72.8 million dogs in the U.S. (from the A.P.P.A. industry trend statistics) and our own research, these are the rough yet conservative estimates for our benchmark: Water-234,000,000 gallons, Soap-244,000 gallons, per year.