are the quick start directions for use printed on the package:


SUDSPRO  delivers cleansing agents through 20 hydro-jets directly to the skin of the animal where they drench the fur from the inside. At the same time 10 soaking ports saturate the fur from without. The brush glides on a cushion of water which displaces the entrapped insulating air that otherwise keeps the animal warm and dry.

The water from ordinary shower-like spray nozzles mostly glances and spatters off of the dog's outer, longer fur like rain. With concentrated effort and a strong sprayer you can force the water deep into the coat and effectively rinse your animal, it just takes a long time. Most professional dog groomers and self-serve dog washing stations still use the same pistol grip hose sprayer we use in our gardens. It does work, just not nearly as well. This spattering and over spray is unsettling to the dog. Think about it, how do you react when someone shoots you with a hose sprayer? SUDSPRO eliminates this problem because it is always in contact with the dog. The cleansing agents flow through the fur and drain from the belly. It's more like a dog massage than an attack. This allows the dog to remain relatively calm.

SUDSPRO has a shampoo injector which delivers any dog shampoo, in any ratio or dilution, in this same manner. You have total control over how much water and shampoo at all times. A few products can spray shampoo, unfortunately much of it doesn't get where it's needed and is wasted. SUDSPRO washes the fur from the inside out.

These sprayers have a nozzle that is about 1/2 inch wide. The SUDSPRO dual action nozzle is over 3 inches wide. If you wash your dog 1/2 inch at a time it will take longer.

SUDSPRO is big on the inside. The valves, hose and ports are maximized so it can deliver whatever your household supply can. The smallest orifice in the system is .32 inches. Compare this with the lower flow competition, especially the ones that utilize shower diverter valves, at .2 inches or less. That is about 3 times more flow. SUDSPRO gushes while others trickle. If you've ever showered in a trickle you know the importance.
This high flow is efficient and saves water by significantly reducing bath time.

SUDSPRO has a chrome supply hose that is so supple you can twist it completely around three times and it's still easy to handle and lightweight. Try that with a garden hose.

SUDSPRO shows full length unedited videos of a complete dog bath. Competitors make impressive claims yet offer no video proof.

SUDSPRO is repairable, not disposable. It is made primarily from two high quality plastics, ABS and PC, and is engineered to withstand considerable stress. The valves ride on rubber o-ring seals that are standard sizes and available through hardware stores. They can be easily accessed with a Phillips screwdriver and/or pliers. They are durometer 70, this means they are extremely resistant to wear. Rubber decays over the years regardless of use, especially if exposed to direct sunlight. If you should ever need new seals you can purchase a complete seal replacement kit from Sudspro for $4.00 including shipping. This includes the two "valve plate" seals which are proprietary and only available from Sudspro. The chrome supply hose is compatible with any standard hand held shower hose replacement. The Sudspro hose is longer than typical though. This is so it will reach the feet of the dog if you choose to bathe them in your tub. The competition may not have this ability.

SUDSPRO is warrantied against defects in materials and workmanship. Please return within 10 days for a full refund or replacement, less shipping. If you are not completely satisfied for any reason please contact Sudspro.

Yes, you can wash a large dog in less than that. There are videos on this site that prove it. It's a bold and catchy statement, however, it is not the best way to measure your savings. The "Coco" movie shows a two minute bath. Without Sudspro this would take me about 15 minutes. That is an improvement of 13 minutes, not counting all of the other Sudspro benefits. The "Grizzly" movie takes 8 minutes. A bath of this quality on my own Newf used to take about 50 minutes before Sudspro. Time saved: 42 minutes. That's 42 less minutes back strain for me, imposition for the dog, water, and shampoo. It seems the longer it takes the more time you save!


Go slow to save time.
Really! It's counterintuitive but, it's true. Sudspro's nozzle needs a fraction of a second to create a cushion of water, think storm surge. When this upsurge meets the opposing flow from the soaker ports the fluid is forced out laterally. The hydro-jets and the soaker ports work in harmony. This confluence under the nozzle keeps the fur in suspension so you can move the brush any direction, even against the grain, without tangles. Just keep it lightly in contact with the animal at all times. You only need one pass, let the nozzle do the work. You can actually see a 'pressure wave' in front of the tool. It's like painting a wall with a roller. If you go too fast you won't get full coverage. This is especially evident with low water pressure and/or longer coats.

Sudspro outperforms "professional" dog washing systems that cost about $500, even more. If you already have one of these shampoo injector systems then you will only need the Sudspro nozzle and hose to increase profits. If not, you need only to screw Sudspro to your bathing stall. In either case Sudspro will pay for itself the first day or two you use it. From then on it will make you money. It's the same for the private dog owner. You can also sell Sudspro in your shop. It's not a total conflict of interest, your clients will still need the full service treatment only you can provide. Sudspro does not clip hair or nails and, it does not dry or board their animals, etc.

Sudspro is also ideal for one-time uses. Some clients bring in their favorite shampoo, creme rinse or medication. You can load and later sanitize the shampoo cup like any drinking cup. There's no need to change out your gallon bottles and siphon tubes for just one dog. No more diluting in a bucket means you will have plenty of their shampoo left over to return. 


Dogs, polar bears and otters can swim and play for hours in frigid water without getting cold. They have a fur undercoat that entraps insulating air that keeps their skin warm and dry. We humans don't have this but, most mammals do. It is sometimes called the "down layer" because a bird's down feathers also entrap air to keep them warm and dry. This air also allows waterfowl to float like cork. Try this: after your dog comes out of the water, use your fingers to "comb" some of his/her fur back "against the grain". Look closely and you'll notice the shanks of the hair are bone dry, so is the skin. This dry layer is about 1/8 inch on a Lab and up to 1/2 inch on a Newfoundland.



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